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Day 1: The departure

Saturday, November 10th, the time has arrived to leave France...

...and to discover the new cottage:

Day 2: Good time before work

Sunday, November 11th, we spent a good time in Brighton..


Day 3: Work time

Alexis welcomed by Dan at Novaracing:

Mark, from DSA, with Sully and Jeremy:

Kevin and Matthew at Travin, in Burgess hill:

Day 4: The work

Matthew at work on a lathe at Travin plastic moulding injection

Day 5: At DSA

Day 6: At Travin

Day 7: Snails?

In Brighton, it's the Snails month.

For each snail, you could donate £3 by phone and the money will go to a Charity association.

Day 8: Time to switch the teacher....

Day 9:Regards from Brighton

Day 10: At Travin

Matthew machined some parts for a plastic's the result:

Day 11:

Some motorcycle parts machined at Novaracing...



Day 12: A lot of parts...

Day 13: Ice cream

A little "pleasure" after a hard working day...

Day 14: At DSA, some Delphi parts.

Sully and Jeremy machined some parts for Delphi Group.

Day 15: A lot of parts....part 2

Day 16: Gearbox axle

Machining and grinding gearbox axles In Novaracing

Day 17: Shopping at Maidstone Mall

Day 18: Some parts machined at Travin

Step 1: Cutting the glass to the exact dimensions

Step 2: Cutting, Milling and drilling the frame's parts

Step 3: Assembling the protective case

Day 19: Assembling the scaveage pump

Day 20: Autodesk Inventor at Novaracing

It's time to create a part (the scaveage pump body) with another CAD Software..

Day 21: Having lunch at Harvester

Day 22: At Novaracing



Day 23: Housework and Cooking

Day 24: Time to switch the teacher

Kind regards from Calais

Day 25: London calling

Sunday, December 2nd, it's time to leave Haywards Heath...


Because London...

Lunch time at "Planet Hollywood"

Let's play a game:

Here's a picture of an "Hollywood class of the year"

Could you find all the celebrities?

Some famous places:

Buckingham palace (the Queen was here)

10 Downing Street (Hello Mrs May):

The Thames (with London Coca-Cola eye):

Matthew with a Horse Guard:

The Evolution of the Cab:

The Classic (Austin Fairway FX4 diesel 1958-1997):

The Redesigned (TX4 diesel 2007-2017):

The brand new (LEVC TX Hybrid 2017-.....):

Day 26:

Time has come to build the Christmas tree

Day 27: Sharpening a tool at DSA



Day 28: Drilling a hole...

....with an electrical discharge machine.

Day 29: At work

Day 30: Milkshakes time... Ed's Diner Brighton

Day 31: On the boat

Bye bye the UK...see you soon.



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