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Dans la lancée de la période précédente, nous sommes partis, le Dimanche 24 Février 2019, à dix personnes en Angleterre.

Sont donc partis, huit élèves de Terminale Technicien d'Usinage et deux enseignants.

Voici l'aventure en images.....

1st week (From Sunday, February 24th to Saturday, March 2nd):

It's time to leave France.....and to have lunch in the boat..... :-):

Say Hello Mr Brulant....

First day at work....

....In Travin's workshop

Hello everybody...

And the last one...

...At Pilgrim motorsports

Meanwhile, at the GBMET, it's time for the first English lesson, with one Italian guy and two Japanese girls.

First fail for Benjamin...

and the second one...

The sun is shining in Brighton:

Jeremy at work:

Funny, even in the UK, we could find some EDF vans:

Looks like spring, isn't it??

Into Pilgrim's workshop...

At the end of the week, we played bowling at Hollywood bowling in Crawley.

50's vibes:

At "work"..

2nd week (From Saturday, March 2nd to Saturday, March 9th):

The teachers team on the boat:


Some sporty activities...

From Portsmouth with love:

Mr.Heniart's dream (and this time, it's not a Ferrari :-))

3rd week (From Saturday, March 9th to Saturday, March 16th):

The new team is on the boat....

Hello Dover!!!

On Sunday, let's go to Beaulieu...

The national Motor Museum:


Are you sure??..... :-)


It's karting time:

Well done Giovanni...

Lunch time in the first cottage (Chicken curry):

Lunch time in the second cottage (Lemon pork):

4th week (From Saturday, March 9th to Saturday, March 16th):

What's happen when you have a lot of wind on the Dover Harbour?

You need to wait 150 minutes before leaving the boat.....

... and let you tow by a tugboat.

Sunday, let's go to London...

We used the Southern Railways train:

After one hour, we arrived at the London Victoria Station:

It's time for a visit at the Chelsea footall team stadium:

The gift to Sullivan and Jeremy from DSA:


In the UK, we tried everything.....even the haircutter...

From Portsmouth with love...:

Bye! Bye! the UK.

See you soon.


The Greater Brighton METropolitan college:


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